About Artist

I was raised in Spokane, WA and graduated from the University of Washington. While living in Illinois, where my husband was stationed, I returned to college and studied printmaking and drawing with Dale Threldkeld of Belleville, Illlinois.  I participated in many art shows in the St. Louis, Missouri area.  When we moved to Davis, CA, I bought an etching press, established a studio in my home and became member of The Artery in Davis.  Twenty one years ago my husband and I moved to five acres near Lake Oroville where I have my present studio. 

My portfolio includes oils on canvas as well as monoprints and collage. Many of my pieces are impressionistic landscapes.  I also paint abstracts, using undulating shapes, which can suggest landscapes by the combination of forms and materials.

When I begin a composition, there is always of moment of suspense.  The first brush strokes on canvas, paper, or metal plate soon take on a life of their own and I build on the emerging images.  California's myriad of contrasting landscapes are always inspiring.

My art can be found at The Artery in Davis, CA .  I'm also a member of Chico  Art Center .  The Breast Care Clinic of Chico, CA owns four of my paintings.  Two paintings are on temporary loan to Chico City Hall.

Fay Grundvig copy