Dahlias  Oil   12”x12”  Sold


  Pond in Autumn   Oil    18”x24” 

Secret Cove    Oil    20”x24”  


Incoming    Oil   18”x24”                              Starbursts    Oil      20”x24” Sold 

                                                         but prints available


Playing with Orange   Encaustic  8”x10”                    Sonoma Vineyard    Oil   20”x24”  Sold, prints available

Guardian of the Valley   Oil   18”x24”  Sold 


Sunset at Sea   Oil     18”x24"

 Plum Tree   Oil    9”x12”  Sold


Rushing Water   Oil  9"x12"                                    Ocean Blue     Oil  8"x10"       

Sold                                                                       Sold


Abstract on Blue   Multi Media/collage  18"x22"                               Technicolor Garden    

                                                                                                           Multi Media/collage  17"x22"


                                Canyon Series #1  Oil   9"x12”  Sold                         Canyon Series #2  Oil   9"x12"

Endless Desert    Oil     9”x12" Sold


Crimson Barrier   Monotype   19"x23"

Sierra Sentinel   Etching   15"x18"

Artist Proof


 Peaceful Bay   Oil   18"x24”  Sold but prints available

Clematis   Oil   20"x24"

Summer Retreat   

Summer Retreat    Oil    18"x24”   Prints available                        Woodinville Garden    Oil    18"x24"  Sold

Orchids   Oil   20"x24"

Single Lily   Oil   20”x24”  Sold but prints available

Garden Wall   Oil   18"x24”    Sold but prints available

Sunset at Sea

Sunset at Sea    Oil   18"x24"

Winter Stream  Oil  18"x24"

Water Lilies       

      Water Lilies    Oil     20"x24"  Sold                                      

Evening Reflection


Evening Reflection    Oil    20"x24"


  Star Magnolia         Bursting Forth

                  Star Magnolia    Oil     18"x24”  Sold                          Bursting Forth     Oil    18"x24”  Sold, prints available

  Day at the Beach         End of Day

             Day at the Beach     Oil     20"x24"                               End of Day    Oil    20"x24” Sold but prints available

 Green Pasture

         Green Pasture     Oil      Sold                                                               

My Sister's Garden

My Sister's Garden    Oil     20"x24"


Primrose Path

              Primrose Path    Oil     20"x24"                                                          



Midnight     Collage     5"x7"




              Orbs     Oil & Prisma color   17"x20"                                   Subterranean Pool    Oil & Prisma color    14"x16"


Castle By The Sea    Collage    5"x7"   Sold


Secret Garden Oil Sold
Rose Garden Oil Sold
Feather Falls Oil 14"x18"
Mystery Oil 20"x24"
Pinnacle Monotype 14"x16"
Under the Oaks Collage 12"x14"
View from the Ruins Oil 20"x24"
Lake Oroville Oil 21"x21"

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   2009   Fay Grundvig